Production plant

Absolute European excellence in the treatment of nanocomposed materials

WITEK has designed and built with the scientific supervision of CE.RI.COL a production plant dedicated to sanitizing products. Years of research and experimentation took years to design a production line with the characteristics necessary to meet the technological needs suitable for the treatment of nanocompounds.

The processes related to the treatment of elements, from the ceramic filters that are on board the GearBOX to the coating of surfaces and materials inherent to sanitizing products, envisages a certified industrial principle. All the phases of this delicate process take place in our factory and this allows the total control of all the technological and industrial functions.

A “vision” that comes true …

A time-lapse on the complexity of assembling the production machine.

Process of coating

The nanomaterials are applied to the surfaces through a specifically developed coating treatment. The mixing and fixing of the nanocompound is a process that requires absolute knowledge of the chemical dosages and temperatures suitable for softening the surfaces in order to allow the nanotitanium to penetrate at a molecular level on the substrate to be treated.
The particular chemical composition of this substance, based on a special patented morphology of titanium dioxide and doping with silver and other elements, means that it is activated simply thanks to the action of visible artificial light, even in the absence of UV rays.

The phases of application of nanomaterials

The coating of nanomaterials on a surface takes place inside of a special machine through 5 phases:






Quality Control

The laboratory is equipped to perform tests to verify compliance with the European Directives 2014/35 / EU (low voltage) and 2014/30 / EU (electromagnetic compatibility) and with the following standards:

Incoming Quality Control IQC

The inspection of raw materials, which is mostly conducted by the subcontractor himself at its facilitiesaccording to Witek inspection standards and completed by both audits performed by Witek at the headquarters ofsubcontractor and through statistical checks upon receipt of the goods. Some sensitive elements of the product provide for a 100% control of the incoming goods.

IQC Activity:

In Process Quality Control System IPQC

The inspection of the in-line production process, which is performed by production personnel during the manufacturing process itself and which is based on monitoring key production measurements process quality parameters.

IPQC activities:

Outgoing Quality Assurance OQA

OQA is the last procedure that is performed, before the product leaves our factory to the customer.

OQA activities:

Performing visual inspections and functionality tests. Our products require a 100% inspection leaving the factory to ensure the highest quality standards of the product.