WIVActive is an innovative technology developed by WITEK for air purification through the use of light and nanomaterials. The result of the many years of experience of the company that operates in the lighting sector and of the collaboration with important internationally accredited research centers, the WIVActive technology offers an intelligent and effective solution to the problem of pollution and unhealthy air in closed environments. WIVActive products are completely Made in Italy: designed and developed by the WITEK Tech Lab and manufactured at the company’s dedicated production facilities.


know the problem to avoid risks


The time of the day we spend indoors


Indoor pollution
it is 5 times higher
than the external one


Millions of particles ingest every minute


The amount of PM10 with respect to the particles present in the air

The invisible problem indoors

In closed environments there are invisible elements that, through the air we breathe, enter our body. Outdoor and indoor air pollution is considered by the World Health Organization as the main environmental risk factor of population’s health.

The causes of pollution

Many products that we all have at home or in the office and that we use frequently are a source of pollution because they generate harmful substances such as: fine dust, mold, mites, bacteria, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and a large family of molecules, the “compounds volatile organic “. This category of compounds (VOCs) includes a number of substances, all of which contain carbon in complex mixtures that can cause short and long-term damage to human health, even reaching carcinogenic effects.













The dangers of pollution

Between the hours we spend at home, those spent in the office, school, gym or shopping center, it is estimated that 90% of our life in the city takes place indoors. This is why indoor air quality is of fundamental importance for our health. In many areas of Europe, life expectancy is reduced by a year due to air pollution and that 90% of the population living in urban areas is exposed to unsafe levels of pollutants. The air in confined spaces, on average, is 5 to 10 times more unhealthy than outside due to the accumulation of pollutants.

A safe solution against viruses and bacteria

A patented and certified technology for sanitizing indoor air

Substances eliminated from the system

The photochemical reaction created thanks to photocatalysis allows the destruction of pollutants such as bacteria, viruses, molds, VOCs, NOx and odors with a simple, completely natural active ingredient.

Continuous cycle sanitizing process H24

The system, by filtering the air 24 hours a day, ensures an antimicrobial and antiviral action, making the rooms healthy

AIR purification

The harmful organic substances that cause atmospheric pollutionand those responsible for bad smells, DECOMPOSE.


Bacteria, viruses and fungi that settle on surfaces are KILLED.

Coronavirus culling example

Intact virus

Proteins and glycoproteins degradation

Intact virusVirus capsid degradation

Inactivated virus

99.9% reduction

WITEK’s LED visible light photocatalysis

Photocatalysis is a sanitizing process activated by the combination of visible LED light and doped titanium dioxide.

Doped Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) is activated by visible light generated by a special LED board calibrated on a particular visible light wavelength which thus triggers the oxidative photocatalysis process.

The nano-technological substance applied on the ceramic filters or on the various supports is photo-active, that is, it is “activated“ by the visible light LED with a calibrated spectrum, generating free radicals (molecules that instead of being neutral are charged and very reactive), which attack the polluting molecules (as well as virus or bacteria) by breaking their chemical bonds and degrading them.

A special LED light illuminates the ceramic filter
coated with titanium dioxide,
activating the sanitizing process of photocatalysis.

A special LED light illuminates the ceramic filter
coated with titanium dioxide,
activating the sanitizing process of photocatalysis.

H24 air sanitation safe for humans

Sanitizing the air during all hours of the day is important because it guarantees constant protection from viruses, bacteria and harmful substances, even in the busiest times of the day. Our technology uses a photocatalytic system activated by a special LED light, which in addition to being 99.9% effective is absolutely safe in the presence of man and can therefore remain ACTIVE H24. has been patented in order not to release any harmful substance into the air, unlike other similar systems, such as those with UV light, which during their use produce, even if in small quantities, harmful gases such as ozone which can be harmful to the man.

Ions of silver

The silver molecules, together with titanium dioxide react with the water molecules present in the air and release silver ions, allowing the purification of the air itself by exerting an antibacterial action even in the absence of light.

The nanoparticles (AgNP)
release silver ions (Ag+)

Ag+ is absorbed
from pathogens

Ag+ inhibits cell division
and pathogen replication

GearBOX filter

the heart of the system

What is the WITEK GearBOX Filter

The GearBox is the element in which the sanitizing photocatalysis process is activated. it is composed of an input G4 filter, three ceramic filters coated with doped titanium dioxide (patent), a calibrated spectrum LED visible light source, and finally an extremely silent magnetic levitation fan that guarantees efficient air circulation.

1st Filtering phase

High density G4 filter that allows to reduce 90% of PM10 and up to 40% of PM2.5. The quality of this filter allows the stop of larger particles.

2nd/3rd/4th Filtering phase

Three ceramic filters coated with doped titanium dioxide activated by an exclusive optical scheme allow the massive killing of viruses, bacteria and harmful substances.

LED Source

The LED source installed on board is calibrated in the visible light spectrum which allows the photocatalytic activation of the filter, ensuring to the parts the correct lighting and energy supply.


Forced suction ventilation takes place through the use of a magnetic levitation fan which ensures the correct recirculation of air in the environment, producing an imperceptible noise.

Ceramic filter

The ceramic filter, coated with doped titanium dioxide and illuminated by an LED source with a spectrum calibrated on the visible,
activates the sanitizing process of photocatalysis. Its cell morphology widens the intervention surface,
making it extremely efficient.

Simple and economical maintenance

System maintenance is extremely easy and inexpensive.
Once a year, in environmental conditions that are not excessively dusty, simply remove the ceramic filters inside the GearBOX and simply rinse them with running water for five minutes and let them dry. Once dry, we can move on to the regeneration of the nanocompound present in the ceramic material, carrying out a thermal cycle at 200 ° for 2 hours (even with a simple kitchen oven). With this very simple operation, the filters will be regenerated and 100% active, ready to perform their function of photocatalysis. To ensure complete optimization of the product, also replace the G4 filter present at the inlet of the GearBOX intake with a new one. As can be seen, the maintenance of the product is solved with a few very simple gestures, contributing to sustainability, the recycling of materials and economic savings.

The ceramic filters are removed from the GearBOX for routine maintenance to be carried out, in standard environmental conditions, once every 12 months.

The ceramic filters can be rinsed under running water for at least five minutes making sure they are free of impurities. Then let it dry.

To be completely regenerated, the ceramic filters must be subjected to a thermal cycle at 200 ° for about 2 hours, to be carried out even in a simple electric oven.

At this point, the ceramic filters are ready to perform their function completely 100% regenerated once they are put back inside the GearBOX.


the importance of research

Exclusive and unreproducible make this technology unique of its kind

The validity of our technology places its veracity on the certifications obtained by independent certified Italian and foreign laboratories. All the tests carried out have proven the effectiveness of the sanitation system which is characterized by its effectiveness in destroying viruses, bacteria and harmful substances.

Exclusive patent on the nanomaterial

The ceramic filters have a coating based on Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) doped with Nitrogen (N) and other chemical elements subject to secrecy and patent. The nano-technological material has reduced the energy level Eg = 2.7eV-2.9eV and therefore is able to activate at lower energy levels, thus being able to exploit even visible wavelengths significantly.

Exclusive patent on the production process

Having the possibility of making a coating process based on nano particles reproducible and therefore stable is a very demanding job. The coating and surface softening by means of an oven allows a secure fixing of the nanocomposite to the support.

Exclusive patent for photocatalytic functionality

Our system uses a revolutionary optical design to achieve greater homogeneity and very low fundamental pressure drop for filtration systems.

Exclusive patent of the calibrated spectrum LED board

The know-how acquired in the lighting field for over 20 years has made it possible to develop a spectrum LED light scheme calibrated on customized frequencies in order to obtain maximum effectiveness in terms of activation of the nanomaterials present in the wivactive system.


the importance of scientific results